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Access updating using linked tables error who is turtle dating

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This is my first time asking a question here, so please bear with me if I seem 'unconventional! OS: Windows_NT App: MS Access 2000 (also in 2003) ODBC linked table into a DB for which I have read/write/delete authority. Here however, I can update fields within the table.

I have verified the authority in the source DB - ad nauseum - it works. I have checked as many links as I can find through (Start/run/odbcad32) and within MS Access (linked table manager).

Excel does a fine job of maintaining simple databases. As long as your data fits this description, it's officially a "database:" This kind of worksheet table is called a flat-file database.

If your needs are that simple, there's no reason to change.

I did the same, but now importing the excel sheet as a table. 3) I converted the source linked table to local table (not what I want, because the link is the reason to work with access in the first place).

Using SQL Server as the relational database system for the HLU Tool will provide performance, reliability and volume benefits over Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Excel is great at a lot of tasks, but it has limits as a database manager. If this were a perfect world, I'd do everything in Excel: budget, write, balance my checkbook, answer my email.

The excel workbook is directly generated from the SPL. I connect the primary key ID with the ID of the Excel table.But at some point you'll probably bump up against the limits of Excel as a database manager and wish for the sort of flexibility that Microsoft Access provides.Let's use an equipment inventory as an example (see Figure 1).But if some of the users don’t have authority to use SQL Server’s Management Studio (SSMS), or aren’t familiar with using SSMS, then one solution is to create an Access database front-end and link it to the HLU Tool database in SQL Server.Many users will be more familiar with Access, so linking Access to SQL Server in this way allows users to view and edit the HLU Tool data without needing authority to use SSMS and without any risk of altering the database structure or settings.I tried both the "linked" and "copy into new table" options. I spent a few hours delving in this issue this morning.