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In 1832, Auguste Agassiz began selling etablissage-produced watches under the name "Agassiz & Compagnie" and was particularly successful selling those watches in North America.

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Like most measurement tools of the quality of a man’s game, the flag metric doesn’t account for a girl’s hotornotness, but it is still superior to the notch count because foreign girls do have subtle differences in their outlook on life, their behavior during courtship, and their opinions of men that will test the flexibility and resourcefulness of a guy’s game.

The sum total of a foreign woman is more than her ethnic cuisine.

There are strip clubs as well, but they are expensive and you don’t even get to bust a nut.

Many of them can be rip off places and anyone new in town needs to avoid the bars around Munich Central Station because they are very likely to try and rip you off in some way.

It makes sense that, for example, a Japanese girl and a Peruvian girl will yield very differenct experiences for the player attempting to bed them.

Not knowing the distinguishing traits of whatever foreign girl a guy is trying to pick up won’t kill his chances with her because the fundamentals of game are universal, handed down from the cosmos like the ten commandments of poon*.

I assume it counts for some fraction of my interactions with them, but since most of the foreigners I met were in the US at the time and surrounded by “exotic” American men I don’t think that advantage played much role.

But only the escorts stand a chance of leaving the place richer. Check out this video clip, published by Artemis, that shows what you can expect at the venue, as well as some interesting footage of what goes on behind the scenes.

Looking for Artemis alternatives and other FKK clubs in Berlin? Is it worthy of the reputation — or was it a let down compared to some of Germany’s other sauna clubs?

When you find prostitutes online they will generally lead you to a brothel.

You can just walk up to the brothel if you know the location, or you can find the girls online and then get directions.