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Dating fender deluxe reverb

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As some of you know, he had been waging an impossible battle against glioblastoma multiforme for the past three years.It was a fight he took to bravely and with great dignity, knowing the inevitable outcome, which came peacefully and while he was surrounded by his immediate family.We are re-opening for business tomorrow, Friday the 20th of January, 2017!A heartfelt thanks to all who reached out during unpleasant times, all our patient supporters and, of course, our friend David Allen at Allen Amplification!A little light Googling revealed serial numbers for a few other amps in the range - they seemed all mixed up together.

Eventually, I thought, I'll get a rough idea what the highest and lowest s/ns were.

The following chart, was originally printed in VG magazine, by Gerald Weber.

If you see any data that is not listed here or notice any errors, for 1970’s and earlier Fender amps, please send us an email and we will update the chart.

Hi Jeff, I was just reading some of your responses about Jonny Lang’s Deluxe Reverb amps. I have a 1965 Deluxe Reverb and am trying to figure out if it has a Utah or some other kind of speaker. I also have one of the newer Fender Pro Reverb amps with an effects loop and a silverface Twin Reverb with a volume control. Steve Goldner San Diego Hi Steve, Thanks for your questions. Figuring out which manufacturer’s speaker is in your amp shouldn’t pose a problem unless it’s some aftermarket mystery speaker with no markings.

I was thinking of trying a Celestion Gold 50, but I usually only play in my bedroom, and I don't want to increase the amp’s volume. Both amps produce very loud hum whether or not a guitar is plugged in. Or is there some other possible cause you can point me to? Most factory speakers in Fender amplifiers have what is known as an EIA code that specifies their manufacturer.