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Formview itemupdating not firing

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I have problem with Item Updating event in Details view.When I set Auto Generate Rows to true, everything works fine.Everything works fine, except the fact that Update button behaves like Cancel button! However, this does not solve my problem because, as you see, I want to generate templates basing on value from View State, and View State is not available on init...You can even add Item Command event and find out that on clicking Update button, e. In this example it will of course work, because Get Fake Data() will be called but in real application it would be unacceptable to hit the database on each page request... Details View Item Updating event does not fire I have a Details View control to which I am binding the results of a Linq-to-XML query.

i am not using data source controls, i am handling the edit and updates with my own code.I want the default view to be Read Only and to display an edit icon to switch to edit mode.When in edit mode, I want to display save/cancel icons to commit or cancel the update.I trap the Form View Data Bound event and set the Selected Index of the Drop Down List at that time.I trap the Item Updating event from the Form View in order to do some validation and fill in some more complex values.The problem is when I want to make one of the grid rows unselectable - when the user hits Select on the grid I want the Details View to be cleared and a message displayed saying "You cannot view this record". Visible = false but I wanted to actually clear the details View altogether so I tried adding Enable View State=false to my Details View, and that appeared to do the trick: blah.aspx: However, when I then went to try editing and updating again it fell apart - Edit mode is entered correctly but when you click the Update linkbutton the Details View list disappears, but no info has been sent to the server, no Item Updating event has been fired and Edit mode is actually still active in the background! In the user control i have placed an dynamically generated table in which one cell consist of generated button.i have written an event handler for it but is not firing on the click of that button.i am attaching a sample code for it plese look into it. if i click the detailsview edit button it shows the data right, but when i edit the data in detailsview the Details View1_Item Updating event does not fire!! i think it is some thing related with the ajax panel configuration but i'm not sure.thanks in adavanc Muhanad YOUNISMCSD. Item Updating event not fired for Details View I have problem with Item Updating event in Details view.