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I am using sharepoint feature upgrade to upgrade my content types and lists.
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Udating cccam whitey updating firmware on verizon phones

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# EMM messages # 00 don't show any EMMs (default) # 01 show only valid EMMs # 02 show valid and bad EMMs with complete data display M: # ECM messages # 00 don't show anything about ecm # 01 normal mode, show pids processed, decoded ecm and cw # 02 verbose mode, show valid and bad ECMs with data C: # AU # 00 disable, no emm pids processed # 01 enable, emm pids always processed for soft-au and shared cards # 02 auto, emm started only if channel cant be decoded # 03 process emm pids for network cards update only A: # key update (sum 01 or 02 with 04) # 01 update only new keys, default setting # 02 update all keys (used for valid PMK checking) # 04 enable TPS au U: # config files folder (softcam, autoroll, ignore/priority) # 00 files in /var/keys # 01 files in /tmp T: # network mode, use summ for several clients # 00 no network (default) # 01 newcamd netclient # 02 radegast netclient # 04 camd3 netclient # 08 gbox netclient G: Ok - doesn't seem much interest in this thread.

I actually thought that this is what newcs users have been looking for (those that haven't gone to greywolf).

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Has anyone got HD channels working on DM800 running cccam?

MP3 Audio Whatever Happened to Apologetics MP3 Audio by Craig Parton That's Just Your Interpretation MP3 Interview with Paul Copan Trusting the New Testament MP3 Audio by Dr.I didn't think dreams and newcs were supposed to be able to update a whitey?OK - but how come the whitey fired up as soon as mgcamd kicked in.Other cams tested such as evo and cccam simply didn't work or would log out when no ecms received.Are you saying newcs processes some emk's but not all, which is why the whiteys fall over?Top Christian Sites is a free topsites list dedicated to helping non-commercial, non-denominational Christian webmasters get exposure for their sites.