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Who is meg white dating

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I always assumed she was just another drummer, but now I'm not so sure.Also seen a video a while back and she has a pretty mean right foot.

She is attractive in her looks and has got long black hair, green eyes and a smiling face that reveals her not-so-perfect tooth every time she laughs.

I was just thinking ( while watching a white stripes video ).

Meg has been playing for the past 10 years, yet her playin is still somewhat sloppy and uneven, I even tried playing along with some songs, and I couldn't replicate the drum parts. Is it possible, that shes a super drummer, and just plays this way to drive the rest of the drumming community into discussion.

I read in an interview that after 30 years of playing, Crazy horse still sounded as if it was the first time they touched their instrument. Hey people seem to want to listen to her, so who cares what she can do?

I mean, how much better would you think she is if she could shred a dave weckl play-along?